Great reads this month

This month I have read some excellent blog posts you should take a look at if you haven’t already seen them:


The Ebook of My Dreams

An excellent article by Laura Braunstein over at ACRLog on the perfect ebook – so many future possibilities to look forward to.


Special Collections Librarianship

Another fantastic article from Hack Library School, this one from Brianna Marshall about entering a career in Special Collections.


The Rise and Fall of Online Empires Infographic

For anyone interested in online trends over at the iLibrarian blog there is a fantastic infographic charting the life and deaths of some of the biggest online players.


QR Codes for the Uninformed

I thought this was an excellent blog post on QR codes, if you’re not familiar with them yet take a read – or if you can’t be bothered to explain them to other people, point them in the direction of this blog post from Browsing Room.


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